Interested in being a conversation partner? Conversation partners meet about once a week with their students to talk about a topic of mutual interest. PreCovid-19, conversations took place anywhere—a park, a coffee shop, etc. Since Covid, contact has been restricted to phone or online or to outdoor walks, etc. As restrictions subside, students and partners are beginning to meet in person again. Initially, a tutor introduces the conversation partner to the requesting student, then they are on their own. Some partners use ESL teaching resources similar to those our tutors use in classes, but many like to simply be there for their students–to answer questions, exchange ideas or recipes, or offer advice about how to manage everyday American activities, etc. We keep a supply of books in the choir room of the Portage Lake United Church if interested. We may be able to purchase more books or supplies as requested. 

Randall, Jill, and Pichai class on Thursday with Puti (Indonesia), Janaka and Wathsala (Sri Lanka), and Dejlah (Iraq), 2022