Interview with Pichai Sripaipan

Hello readers! Starting from this month, April 2023, we will have a new segment for our blog that will be featuring some of our board of directors, tutors, conversation partners, students, and community of Elaine Bacon Literacy Program in general. This will help everyone learn a bit about the personal experience of our diverse community. … Continue reading Interview with Pichai Sripaipan

Thomas: Butterflies, Moths and Fruit Flies

Thomas Werner shares his knowledge about the most beautiful butterflies, moths, and fruit fly species and we’ll learn much more about his work in Encyclopedia of North American Drosophilids.  Dr. Thomas Werner Butterly or moth? He started his presentation from his background as a biologist by heart. Dr. Werner started studying insects as a childhood hobby, at … Continue reading Thomas: Butterflies, Moths and Fruit Flies

Sew Cranky – Snowflakes

International Neighbours participate for the Sew Cranky’s annual Snowflake Challenge as part of Heikinpäivä. For those who need a reminder, Heikinpäivä, the annual celebration of mid-winter, is scheduled to kick off later this month. Along with the annual celebration will be Sew Cranky’s annual Snowflake Challenge. Ginger Alberti, who owns Sew Cranky with her husband, … Continue reading Sew Cranky – Snowflakes

New from EBLPLearning on the Go! 

by Jan Handler Instructors, tutors, and conversation partners in the Elaine Bacon Literacy Program have led enjoyable field trips to scenic places in the area. There are many wonderful places to hike, picnic, or tour historic sites- all within a short drive. What a great way to informally practice English while having fun with classmates … Continue reading New from EBLPLearning on the Go!