COVID-19 Policy Extended into Fall and Winter Seasons

In person classes continue to be SUSPENDED. We’ve switched to online meetings until the current Covid-19 pandemic calms down. Zoom has become our trusted friend! We are happy to help those unfamiliar with the software become acquainted with it. Please bear with us as we try to adjust to Zoom's time limit of 40 minutes. … Continue reading COVID-19 Policy Extended into Fall and Winter Seasons

International Neighbors Cookbook

In September of 2020, Elvi Ruotsala, former founder of our sister group International Neighbors, gifted us with her special version of the 2007 International Neighbors Cookbook. Elvi had received the book on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of International Neighbors. This lovely book contains delicious recipes from present and former members of International Neighbors … Continue reading International Neighbors Cookbook

Greetings from End of 2019

Greetings! The holidays are upon us, and the Elaine Bacon Literacy Program, which has been teaching English to adult internationals for 50 years, is once again soliciting donations in support of our teaching of American English, culture, and customs. The exchange of mutual understanding and cultural goodwill that characterizes our programs extends throughout the world … Continue reading Greetings from End of 2019