Greetings! The holidays are upon us, and the Elaine Bacon Literacy Program, which has been teaching English to adult internationals for 50 years, is once again soliciting donations in support of our teaching of American English, culture, and customs. The exchange of mutual understanding and cultural goodwill that characterizes our programs extends throughout the world when these students return to their native lands. Currently, we have participants from countries such as Cuba, China, Poland, Thailand, and the country of Georgia.

We have 10 active tutors, 5-6 conversation partners, all volunteers, and about 20 enthusiastic students who attend class sessions up to four times a week. One of the students this year passed her TOEFL exam, enabling her to enter graduate school
Expenses often include printing, books, and teaching materials–white boards, markers, index cards, etc. Our primary expense is a subscription to the newspaper News for You, a weekly publication for adult learners that uses current events and human interest stories to engage learners while building skills in reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and more. Other regular expenses include an annual donation to Portage Lake United Church for the use of their facilities. This year we hope to purchase a digital projector which would be an enormous help in our English literacy classrooms.

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