by Jan Handler

Instructors, tutors, and conversation partners in the Elaine Bacon Literacy Program have led enjoyable field trips to scenic places in the area. There are many wonderful places to hike, picnic, or tour historic sites- all within a short drive. What a great way to informally practice English while having fun with classmates and teachers!

The EBLP Board of Directors is pleased to be able to offer some financial support for outside-of-class learning experiences like these. Also eligible for reimbursement funding are field trips to attend plays or concerts, visit museums, or explore nearby cities.

EBLP volunteers (instructors, conversation partners, etc.) can apply for such expenses as admission fees, gas, equipment rentals, or meals. This “learning on the go” can include their own students as well as other EBLP participants and volunteers. EBLP will aim to provide at least partial funding within budget constraints. We appreciate and encourage innovative ways to help students improve their English communication in a supportive environment.

If you’re planning on an informal learning adventure like this in 2022, just send a note with your plans to Beth Flynn ( After the outing, send her your itemized expenses, providing a mailing address to receive a check for partial or full reimbursement. Then, please let us know about the experience… your stories help others learn, too!

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