Thomas: Butterflies, Moths and Fruit Flies

Thomas Werner shares his knowledge about the most beautiful butterflies, moths, and fruit fly species and we’ll learn much more about his work in Encyclopedia of North American Drosophilids.  Dr. Thomas Werner Butterly or moth? He started his presentation from his background as a biologist by heart. Dr. Werner started studying insects as a childhood hobby, at … Continue reading Thomas: Butterflies, Moths and Fruit Flies

Thailand Presentation with Minni

On February 15th Minni did a very well-prepared presentation about her home country: Thailand. She explains about the history, culture, and social-economic-political aspects from Thailand. After the presentations all of the guests and members of IN had a tasty Thailand cuisine prepared by Minni, Pichai, and Wanida. Ruth (red cardigan) patiently waiting for her turn … Continue reading Thailand Presentation with Minni

International Neighbors Cookbook

In September of 2020, Elvi Ruotsala, former founder of our sister group International Neighbors, gifted us with her special version of the 2007 International Neighbors Cookbook. Elvi had received the book on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of International Neighbors. This lovely book contains delicious recipes from present and former members of International Neighbors … Continue reading International Neighbors Cookbook