In person classes continue to be SUSPENDED. We’ve switched to online meetings until the current Covid-19 pandemic calms down. Zoom has become our trusted friend! We are happy to help those unfamiliar with the software become acquainted with it. Please bear with us as we try to adjust to Zoom’s time limit of 40 minutes. Some classes work around the problem by simply reconnecting after 40 minutes. Some tutors have their own Zoom links, and some students prefer 40 minutes. Other tutors and students use Skype or other ways of communication.

September 8, 2020 Covid 19 Policy Update

Dear Members,

At its September 2020 meeting the Board decided to continue holding classes and conversation sessions either remotely or outside. The staff of Portage Lake United Church has graciously invited us to return to use their facilities, but we have declined their offer for now. The board has decided to suspend meeting in person due to Covid-19 crisis. The Portage Lake United Church has graciously offered the use of its facilities again for our classes, but we have declined for now. Until further notice we will continue to meet either remotely or outdoors only. We appreciate your cooperation. These are certainly challenging times. Take good care, and thanks for your participation in our program.

Beth and Denise, Co-Directors

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