EBLP Wins the Parade of Nations Scavenger Hunt!

Hurray! We won! The Elaine Bacon Literacy Program entered the Parade of Nations Scavenger Hunt again this year and won first prize! 

 This team effort owes special thanks go to our student Dejlah who together with (yours truly) tutor Denise did the legwork for the Hunt Team! Extra thanks go to Dejlah again for designing the clues for one of the 9 hunts. She wrote clues to the lead other “find teams” to information about a scared Ziggurat of Ur (see picture below) located in her hometown in Iraq.

Ziggurat of Ur

Thanks go also to Jan Handler for designing clues that led people to information about our own Literacy Program hunt! Several others, including Mary Burnet, Beth Flynn, Frann Grossman and others also worked behind the scenes as Phone-a-Friends to contribute search solutions and encouragement.

Thanks also to the lady who owns the Shipping Shop out walking her dog, the window washer high on a ladder at Grace Methodist United Church, the tourists who helped Dejlah at the Quincy Mine Hoist and all those who cheered us on! A fun way to put $300 into our coffers!

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